Director’s Message

Sudhir Phansalkar

Saneesa, Our healthy organisation started with the incorporation of core human values such as Trust, Integrity and Teamwork. We always worked hard towards adding value to our customers, employees, vendors and society as a whole. I always tried my best to excel the business to next level. During the company development I faced many challenges but I always was focused on the product portfolio. We have successfully achieved enormous growth in spite of multiple challenges.

Meenal Phansalkar

I still remember my humble and modest beginning of this venture. We started with a small rented unit and handful people aiming to be the best in the business. We had started with millions of dreams, hope and immense enthusiasm and still nothing has changed. We constantly strive on getting one of the most successful company in the world of manufacturing facility. We believe in a philosophy of building relationships through trust and same benefits us in delivering desired results for our customers.