Antifreeze Coolants

These have been the primary products of Saneesa and we have earned expertise in manufacturing of these products. An antifreeze radiator coolant being a freeze point depression also achieves boiling point elevation, thus making it an all-weather coolant. We have the ability to manufacture coolant based on OAT and HOAT technology.

Thus, Saneesa supplies concentrate as well as pre-mixed coolant to its customers.
Following are some of the high selling products
Saneecool Concentrate
Saneecool Gold
Saneecool Max
Saneecool Plus
And more….

Water Based Coolants

For a tropical country like India where the temperature for a major portion of the country does not drop below 0 deg, water-based coolants have become a preferred choice for consumers. These coolants have also shown impressive results in automobile applications. Some of the water-based products are:
Saneecool Eco
Saneecool 20
Saneecool 15

Engine Oil

Saneesa only uses the best quality raw material to manufacture a variety of engine oils including 4T and multi-grade engine oils. Our engine oils help to protect the engine and engine parts from the heavy wear and tear. Our special additives enhance the life of engine oil and prevent from deteriorating under extreme temperature condition.

Following are the list of Saneesa Oils.
Saneol Multigrade 15W40
Saneol 4T 20W50

And More

Radiator Cleaner

Radiator Cleaner is fast acting alkaline cooling system cleaner. It is used to remove the rust, scale and other deposits from automotive cooling systems that could block or foul circulation of coolants through the radiator. Our radiator cleaner also neutralizes any leftover coolant remaining in the engine eliminating compatibility issues due changing coolant types. Following is the list of radiator cleaner.


Windshield Cleaner

Saneesa has an extensive range of windshield cleaners that can be used in sub-continental conditions as well as extreme cold environments. The Windshield washer has been specially developed to remove all dirt and contaminants effectively and quickly. The cleaners also play an important role in extreme cold weathers for removing snow.
Following are the list of the Saneesa Windscreen Cleaner.
Sanee Windscreen Washer
Sanee Windscreen Washer RTU

Industrial Lubricants

Saneesa offers a wide range of general purpose metal working fluids for several machine shop applications such as turning, milling, drilling, boring, grinding etc, involving different metal and metallurgy. We also have taken projects where we have developed special cutting oils for our customers.Since last two years, this segment has become our forte wherein our customers have ripped benefits of tangible and non-tangible proportions using our fluids.

SaneecutAcrol (Semi-synthetic cutting fluid)
Saneecut Classic (Mineral oil based cutting oil)
Saneecut Radical (Mineral oil based cutting oil)
SaneecutPreciso (Synthetic grinding fluid)
Saneesol 32/46/68 (Hydraulic oil)